Endless Flooring Options, Everything from Practical to Elegant

The Floor Store carries a diverse stock of flooring and tile products ready for purchase to ensure our customers don’t have to wait to get the flooring they want. Keeping a diverse stock means we purchase in volume, which enables us to provide steep discounts to our customers. We encourage you to stop by and inspect our flooring options for yourself and to take home samples to check against your décor.


There are several benefits to choosing carpet floors for you home from The Floor Store. A few of these include:
  • Stain Resistance 
  • Soft on Feet 
  • Quiet 
  • Saves Energy 
  • Traps Dander and Other Allergens for Easy Removal 
  • And More! 

Working with our professionals will ensure you are receiving a carpet that fits both your taste in design as well as your lifestyle. Our texture, twist, loop or pattern carpet options make it easy to find just the right thing for your home. Talk with The Floor Store’s experts today!

Hardwood Floors

Choosing to have hardwood floors installed gives you a very wide range of options for a very natural and beautiful look. The variety available, from color to board size to graining, helps give your home a truly unique look. Your hardwood floors could be very light in color, a very rich, deep brown or anywhere in between. Some wood has more character in the grain variation while others are very sleek. There are a number of finishes to choose from to top off your perfect hardwood floors and our experts would be glad to help you find the perfect thing for your home. Whichever style best fits your personal taste, The Floor Store can help you find it.

Tile and Stone

For a flooring style that gives you the opportunity to truly personalize your floors and give it a special pattern, look to tile and stone flooring. The range of sizes, colors, patterns, textures and more gives you plenty of choice to spice up your style. Tile and stone can be a great flooring choice for rooms that may get a lot of moisture or have high traffic, causing wear. The scratch and stain resistance makes this a very practical choice for busy homes. Tell one of our experts at The Floor Store about your flooring vision and we will be happy to help make it happen!


Laminate floors are an extremely durable alternative to hardwood or stone floors. The way laminate is made today helps give floors a very realistic appearance while also maintaining the resilience necessary to withstand high traffic through the home. This is an environmentally friendly option as well, as it takes fewer resources to make a laminate floor and it doesn’t have to be replaced as often as other types of floors. Visit The Floor Store to talk with one of our experts about your options today.


Another alternative to tile, stone or hardwood floors is luxury vinyl tile. Benefits of vinyl tile include:
  • Choice of Various Textures, Colors and Designs 
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Easy to Clean 
  • No Waxing Required 
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Resilient
  • Affordable   

This easy, economical and affordable option may be the perfect alternative for you home. View your options at The Floor Store Today!

Before Installation of Your New Flooring

There are a few things you can or should do before having your new floors installed to ensure the easiest experience possible. First you will want to get your furniture moved and any hanging items taken down to avoid accidental damage. Then, you will need to know how the current flooring is being removed and make sure to have it out before your installers come if they are not performing the removal. You will want to vacuum before and after the current floor is torn out to minimize dust. You will also want to know what the proper measurements are, including the space below doorways, before having the flooring placed so it fits properly and does not cause your doors to get caught or drag. If you are doing anything to the walls in the room, you may want to finish that before installing your new floors.

Our Process

  1. Customer provides The Floor Store with estimated room sizes.
  2. Customer selects products from our in-stock or special order merchandise.
  3. A preliminary quote is prepared from the customer’s measurements.
  4. Deposits are paid to hold in stock products, or for special order merchandise.
  5. Professional measurements and an inspection are performed at the customer’s home to ensure correct quantities and to eliminate unforeseen additional expenses.
  6. The quote is adjusted to the confirmed measurements and an installation is scheduled.
  7. All products are installed.
  8. The customer is provided an industry standard “Certificate of Completion” form to sign. This form certifies that all work has been performed in a satisfactory manner and all products are correct. This also allows the installer to certify his or her work.
  9. The balance is paid to The Floor Store. 
  10. Expect a follow-up from The Floor Store to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

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