Is hardwood flooring a hypoallergenic choice?

Is hardwood flooring a hypoallergenic choice?

If you, or a household member, have allergies or asthma, finding hypoallergenic flooring will be a top priority. Many products have inherent hypoallergenic qualities, but there are a few standouts.

Solid hardwood flooring is classic and timeless with natural beauty. It's also consistently rated as one of the most allergy-friendly floorings.

About hardwood floors and allergens

Wood floors come directly from trees. As a result, few chemicals, no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and harmful substances exacerbate respiratory problems.

While there are many types of finishes, polyurethane is allergy-friendly. When the floors are sealed with this, they won't harbor microorganisms like dust mites, dirt, or other pollutants.

Finally, remember learning about photosynthesis? Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. But this process continues, even long after the trees have been cut to make the wood flooring.

Easy to clean

Cleanability is an essential factor when dealing with allergies. You want to easily wipe away allergens and other pollutants so they aren't breathed in. All these floors need is regular wiping.

Just be sure to avoid using finishes, solvents, and other materials containing VOCs or chemicals.

The allure of wood floors

These add warmth and charm to a room and never go out of style. With the large assortment of stains and finishes, you can customize them to your taste if you change your decor, no problem because all they need is sanding and re-staining.

Our hardwood flooring company carries wood species like oak, European white oak, birch, maple, Brazilian cherry, and much more. They come from manufacturers like Bella Citta, Chesapeake, Forest Accents, etc.

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