It’s not just a pile of lumber; it’s hardwood flooring from The Floor Store & Cabinet Shop

Okay, so you spent the afternoon with your family at the Artisan Center and got to thinking how nice it would be to have more wood in your home. Sure, the handicrafts are beautiful, but what about wood flooring? It can add either a rustic or a classic look to any room in the house, and it is a flooring that will stand up to years of wear and tear, even from the most active families.

Planes, grains, and stains

You have to take a look at what options we have available. Imagine this, you are fixing up a house, and you are trying to keep the look and feel of an era gone by, yet you need new hardwood. Or, perhaps you are working to give your room a more rustic feel, with a highly textured wood floor. How do you do that with new products? The answer is simple: products worked by hand with planes and other tools to make the new wood-look older and more rustic. Then it is hand-finished to give you all of the benefits of a new wood floor. Plus, each style of wood has a distinct grain pattern. Hardwood like oak and walnut tend to have more straight grains while cherry and maple have more curves and burls to their grain patterns. There are also products in hickory, pine, acacia, kupay, and bamboo. When the grain pattern is combined with a variety of stain colors, you can create almost any look you are trying to achieve.

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Engineered wood & waterproof wood floors

This is not your grandfather’s hardwood. Typically, solid wood has not performed well when laid directly over a concrete subfloor or in the basement. Enter engineered wood flooring where a thin layer of hardwood was mounted on a plywood base. This protected the wood from moisture and provided a more stable surface to mount on concrete as a glued or floating floor.

Recently, manufacturers have been applying what they have learned with the hopes of producing a truly waterproof floor. In some cases, the hardwood is mounted to a stone polymer composite base, which protects the wood from any moisture from below. Then, a highly protective finish is placed on the wood above, fully sealing it from moisture all around.

At The Floor Store & Cabinet Shop, we live and breathe hardwood flooring. We have a first-rate selection, and our installation services are guaranteed to leave you a satisfied customer. We serve the areas of Warner Robins, GA, Macon, GA, Fort Valley, GA, Hawkinsville, GA, and Perry, GA, so why not give us a call or stop by so that one of our knowledgeable sales associates can show you all of the options possible. Many items we keep in stock, so you can have hardwood floors installed in your home without a long wait. We think you will be glad you contacted us.